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CUSTOM ONLINE | Personal Resumes and/or Portfolios

Personal Resume/Portfolio Websites

U.S. Website Creations is now offering Personal, Custom Built, Online Resumes and/or Portfolios. Each is complete with your own Profile and/or Portfolio information. Prices start at a low $75.00 and include one Domain Name Registration (1 Year) & One Year FREE Hosting (My Servers).

You can check-out the three (3) examples below which includes my own. If you have any questions or just need more information; please Contact Me.

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Predefined Website Packages Custom Website Designs

Please NOTE: Online Resumes and/or Profile information can be made non-indexable by any/all Search Engines and/or with password authentication access if you've any privacy concerns.

Basic Website Premium Package - Just $447
Get Your Own "Customized" Online
Personal Resume and/or Portfolio
Online resumes are becoming more efficient. Online resumes are, hands down, much more efficient than their paper counterpart. In fact, 60% of Fortune 100 companies use the professional platform Linkedin as a way of saving time while researching candidates.
  • Includes One (1) Year FREE Hosting (On My Servers - This is a $59.00 value added savings for you.)
  • One FREE (1 Year) Domain Name Registration (A $10.00 Value Added Savings).
  • Website can be shown in as little as 2-4 working days.
  • Content insertion & CSS formatting for up to 1 page.
  • Resume/Portfolio Transfer to PDF for Ease of Download by Prospective Employers.
  • vCard Added at Request.
  • Includes at Least One Image/Photo of Your Choosing if Desired.

More on Personal, Custom Built, Online Resumes and/or Portfolios

Since the explosion of the Internet in the 1990s, the number of Web sites and people visiting them increases every year. From eBay to Blogs, everyone is using the Web to promote some cause, and job seekers are no exception -- building Web sites to showcase their resumes, skills, portfolios, published work and professional accolades.

The idea of building a personal resume Web site is alluring because it goes beyond the one- or two-page resume. After all, where else does a job seeker have virtually unlimited space to tout details about specific skills and qualifications?

  • All Resume/Portfolio Websites will have a common highly optimized and fast-loading design structure for best search engine performance.
  • Project duration is 2 to 10 working days for full completion.
  • On request; all websites will be submitted to 125+ search engines free of charge (Including Google, Bing, and Yahoo).
  • All sites will use images provided by client and/or stock images (Additional charges vary for custom graphics, logo, and stock images).
  • Can be linked to your Linkedin, FaceBook, and/or Google+ profiles upon request.

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Guidelines on Providing Content

The content for your website should be provided in separate word/rtf document (URL of each page can be specified for existing websites) images should be kept to a minimum of not more than 2 per page. Pages exceeding the number of pages included with the package deal will cost $10 per extra page ($15 for pages with tabular data or extra long content pages). Our graphic design rate of $15 per hour will be applied for any extra design, Flash or image editing work. Please request for an approximate quote with your specifications if needed.

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