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Online resumes are becoming more efficient. Online resumes are, hands down, much more efficient than their paper counterpart. In fact, 60% of Fortune 100 companies use the professional platform LinkedIn as a way of saving time while researching candidates.

First Person | 9 Reasons to Put Your Resume Online

» By S. H. Wallick | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Fri, Dec 16, 2011 10:58 AM EST

Having an online resume, as well as a paper resume, could give your job search a jump start. Here are 9 reasons to put your resume online.

Greater Exposure

Putting your resume online substantially expands the universe of employers and headhunters who have access to your information. Increasingly, employers are searching for candidates online, and, in some cases, they may even limit their search to online sources. Therefore, you may miss out on job opportunities if you don't make your resume available online.

More Flexibility

You will have greater flexibility with an online resume. For example, you will be less constrained in terms of how much information you include on your resume (no two-page limit as with a paper resume) although you should still keep it relevant and focused. Also, with an online resume, you can give the reader access to additional information by including links.

Supplement to Paper Resume

Online resume versus paper resume is not an either or proposition. An online resume can be a valuable supplement to your paper resume. For example, it can be useful for those situations when you don't have a resume with you but want to provide a contact with quick and easy access to it.

Easy, Convenient, Cheap

Putting your resume online is easy to do, convenient and cost effective. Among other things, it could save you a bundle on printing costs, as well as the time and expense of mailing or faxing resumes out.

Time Effective

Having your resume online leverages your time. While you are networking and actively looking for a job using the more traditional methods, your online resume can be attracting hits from potential employees.

Easily Updated

An online resume is easy to update and modify. In fact, it is very important that you keep it current as there are changes in your situation. It also can be a good idea to put a date on each online resume so that you know when you last updated it.

Customize and Multiply

You can create and save multiple versions of your resume online so that you always have the perfect one for any job opening.

Targeted Responses

Effective use of key words in your online resume can help you attract employers with jobs that fit your experience and ambition, resulting in higher-quality responses.

Tech Savvy Statement

If you are an over-50 job seeker, making your resume available online sends a strong signal that you are comfortable in today's high-tech world. This could be essential to a successful job search, since a concern that some employers have about older candidates is that they may be fearful of, ignorant about, or reluctant to embrace the latest technological tools.

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