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PROJECT | Opa Grill (Restaurant)
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Opa Grill | Greek & American Cuisine

Customer wanted a website done quickly, but did not want to compromise time with any poor design. I managed to get a working site up and running in less than two (2) days. The continued improving the site over time and added some extra Flash animations and Extra photo galleries.

Opa Grill is a moderately priced, full service restaurant providing unique Greek and American cuisine in a contemporary, neighborhood bistro setting. Attentive, upbeat service is given to customers who dine with Opa Grill in their main dining room, European-styled dining area. Many of Opa grill's waitstaff and kitchen staff have been with Opa Grill since it opened4. Thus, customers feel like Opa Grill is their "neighborhood" restaurant where a consistent staff ensures guests will have consistently great food in a warm and friendly environment.

"Four Stars: Opa Grill has the best Greek food in the Colorado area. Their Lamp Chops were the best I've had anywhere. The drink prices are reasonable too, and I can see myself returning often. It's a great city view and a nice atmosphere. I've been to several of the other Greek restaurants in the area and none measure up!"
-Dave and Shelly, Parker, CO.
"The Opa Grill serves excellent meals in portions large enough to satisfy our big eater, my 18 year old son. The Gyro Platter was the best I've had in many years. We will come back again and again to what is now our favorite restaurant!"
-Doug, Parker, CO.
"Was here back in August during a business trip. Probably some of the best greek food I have ever had. Had the Gyros Platter and it came with a greek salad and i had the rice. The Platter and Salad were enough for two people. The meat was tender and cooked perfectly. The rice was good and the Salad was great. Make sure you go with an appetite."
-Jamie S., Portland, OR.

The combination of great food and celebration created a new meaning for the concept of dining. A different approach that energizes and gives the diner a different dimension for his or her entertainment. Previous dining norms are broken, spirits are lifted, with every single broken plate and every single napkin in the air. The marriage of traditional with modern is what Opa grill promotes as the most rapidly expanding concept in the Colorado.

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Dec 8th, 2011

Opa Grill is a moderately priced, full service restaurant providing unique Greek and American cuisine in a contemporary, neighborhood bistro setting.

Nov 28th, 2011
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