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Page Element Image Hover Effects With jQuery

jQuery's image hover abilities are normally either overlooked or overworked. Some people consider image effects on the World Wide Web to be ineffective while others seem to never get enough of it. However, most don't realize what jQuery permits you to do; it's no longer just about accordions and slideshows!

jQuery can be used to bring stylish hover effects to any image below are more than 25 unique hover effects.

Supported Browers: Internet Explorer (Even IE6), Firefox, Opera, Safari, and of course Google Chrome.

Grayscale to Color Fade-In Image Hover Effect
Blur to Clear Image Fade-In Image Hover Effect
Brighten Fade-In Image Hover Effect
Grayscale Slice-Up-Left Image Hover Effect
Blur Slice-Up-Right Image Hover Effect
Brighten Slice-Down-Left Image Hover Effect
Grayscale Fold-Left Image Hover Effect
Blur Fold-Right Image Hover Effect
Box-Random Image Hover Effect
Blur Box-Diagional Image Hover Effect
Custom: Show Tool Tip; 12 Slices, With Ainmation Setting Speed of 500
Info From The Image 'alt' Attribute Info From The Image 'alt' Attribute Info From The Image 'alt' Attribute
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