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Search Engine Optimization | Backlinks - What You Need To Know About Them
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Nov 08 '12

By: Richard Guidry
Subject: SEO
Title: What You Need To
            Know About Backlinks

SEO | Backlinks - What You Need To Know

SEO | Backlinks

What You Need To Know About Backlinks

When another website links to yours and directs people to your website, that is known as a backlink. These links are a way to open up discussion between different websites on the same topic. It is also true that the more of these your website has, the more popular your website is. If there are more websites that include a link to your page, your audience has just increased with all the viewers who view that specific website. You can open up your online network greatly when other websites use these links to your website. Some search engines, such as Google, will also give more relevance to your website if there are more links for it. If you are looking to increase the popularity and amount of viewers for your site, these tools are something you should be very interested in.

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How to Use Backlinks

The first thing to remember is that not only do you want a large amount of backlinks, but also the quality of the link is important. So how do you know if a link is high quality? One way is to have them on authoritative websites. Backlinks on websites that have similar topics and keywords as your site are considered more relevant and can have a strong influence on your ranking in a search engine. Viewers who are researching a certain topic are more likely to click on your link if it involves the same topic they are currently reading about.

So where should you put backlinks? They can be put on blogs, search engines, article directories, and many other social bookmarking sites. You will want to focus yours on the more popular sites that are relevant to the topic you are discussing. For example, if you are promoting an article, you will want to backlink to an article directory. If you are hoping to generate traffic to a blog post, you may want to post on a blog that is discussing a similar topic in order to draw interested readers to your blog. By keeping your links relevant with what you are hoping to accomplish, you produce a higher quality link for your site.

Why Should I Use Them
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These links are an important part of marketing any type of website. When you set up a website, you are hoping to generate as much traffic and gain as many viewers as possible. Links make this more possible by not only increasing your ranking in search engines, but also by creating more high quality links to your website from sites that are discussing relevant topics. Browsers who are searching for a specific thing, or who are interested in a specific topic, will use a backlink to find more information once they are done with the current website. The more your website is linked to, the more traffic you will get. It is as simple as that.

Many browsers who come to the Internet looking for something specific may not know how to get to your site, or may not even know it's out there. In this way, these links work as roads that all lead to the same destination. The more roads there are to your website, the more likely viewers are to be able to get there. Using these links is an effective way to generate traffic to your website and ensure that you have the viewers you need to be successful.

Effectively Marketing Your Website

So no matter what type of website you are looking to build up in popularity, backlinks are an effective and quality way to increase traffic to your website. By increasing your ranking in a search engine and increasing links to your website throughout the worldwide web, you can build a successful and popular website by utilizing these links as a quality marketing tool.

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