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Search Engine Optimization | 5 Surefire Ways to Make Your Blog a Hit
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Nov 03 '12

By: Richard Guidry
Subject: SEO
Title: 5 Surefire Ways to
            Make Your Blog a Hit

SEO | Five Surefire Ways to Make Your Blog a Hit

Search Engine Optimization | Make Your Blog a Hit

5 Surefire Ways to Make Your Blog a Hit

Currently, there are approximately 181 million blogs on the internet, according to The Nielson Company, a well-established firm that analyzes consumer behavior. Even if you had only to compete with 181 blogs – minus the millions – you’d still need to make your site stand out in order to get visitors. The effort you put into doing so is the difference between a blog that has thousands of readers and a website that has three or four. When it comes to blogging, go all the way. It takes effort to write posts on a regular basis, and that effort will be wasted if your blog has substandard content or is languishing in the graveyard of blog anonymity.

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Implement all of the following suggestions to put your blog on the path to success, and always strive to improve your site and keep up with online trends.

  • Don’t write only about yourself – write about your readers as well. In other words, if you write about your upcoming wedding, tell your readers about a great way to help eliminate wedding stress. Perhaps you found a great vendor you can share with your readers or can post a quick tutorial on how to make your own wedding cake toppers. Every post should have something that readers can use, whether it is a topic to think deeply about or something they can make.
  • Give your blog a story that your readers will want to follow. It might be the story of turning a 1920’s fixer-upper into the pride of the neighborhood or the saga of raising a child who has special needs. Weave this story into all of your posts so that your readers will have a reason to continue visiting your site.
  • Ensure that other people know that you have a blog. You can’t depend on search engine traffic for regular readers, so you’ll need to use social media and other techniques to get the word out. Post your best posts to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Pin interesting photos from your blog to Pinterest, a visual social bookmarking site. Read other people’s blogs and comment on their posts.
  • Make it easy for readers to subscribe. Place an easily recognizable RSS button above the fold so that readers won’t need to scroll down in order to find it. Add a directive such as “Subscribe now to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest recipes!”
  • Follow the lead of popular magazines and write compelling headlines that will grab your readers’ attention. Like magazines, you’ll also want to provide at least one photo with each post. Use photo-editing software to make sure your photos have a professional look.

You’ll want to use many other strategies and techniques in addition to these, but those will be the icing on a well-made cake once you’ve decided to go all out and create an incredible blog. Maintain your motivation and you just may find that you end up with quite a following.

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