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Website Design | First Steps to Creating a Valuable Website On Your Own
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Oct 29 '12

By: Richard Guidry
Subject: Website Design
Title: Creating A Valuable
           Website On Your Own

Website Design | Creating A Valuable Website On Your Own

Website Design | Creating A Website; Some Basic Steps

Creating A Valuable Website On Your Own

If you want long-term success for your website, then you need to create high-quality content. This will lead to organic results, which are the best type of results possible. When your site is bringing in a lot of traffic organically, your odds of making a sale will increase. And the value of your site/domain name will increase as well.

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If you wanted to create a site from scratch and then build its traffic for one to three years, you could then sell it for a nice profit on an auction site like Now imagine if you had 10 of those sites at once. How much could you make? Of course, in order to pull this off, you would need to outsource and/or create great content.

So, now let’s take a look at some basic first steps on how you can create a website site on your own.

Choosing a Domain Name

This is fun, but don’t get carried away. Spending too much time on the right domain name can cost you valuable time. Find a domain name that fits within your niche. Try to keep it as short as possible, which will increase the domain name’s value. Also try to have a keyword that relates to your business within the domain name. Don’t worry about hosting the domain name. Hosting services are usually offered on the same site where you purchase the domain name (See our Blog “20 Tips on How to Choose a Domain Name”).

Keyword Research

This is also fun, but it can be time-consuming. Go to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool; this is a free and valuable resource for researching keywords. Once there, be sure to click the ‘Exact’ check-box on the left-side panel; this will give you more accurate results. Next, type in the keyword you would like to target. Next; press ‘Search’ once you’ve inserted the correct CAPTCHA information. Don’t worry about the category section; that won’t change anything. After you’ve pressed ‘Search’; the results will display in a matter of seconds. You’ll then see how many local searches that each keyword has per month and competition level.

For best traffic results, always target keywords that are between 100 and 10,000 local searches per month and with a ‘low’ competition score. If a keyword has around 100 local searches per month, then it should only take a few weeks to rank for. Within two months, you could easily own the #1 spot on Google for that keyword. If the local searches per month are closer to 10,000, then it will take much longer, but there will also be bigger rewards. The most important thing to keep in mind is that as long as the competition level is ‘low,’ you will have a chance at hitting the first page of Google. Even if you’re not in the #1 spot, if a keyword has 10,000 local searches per month, then you will get a lot of visits.

Writing Naturally
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A lot of people only focus on writing naturally. This isn’t a bad strategy, but it won’t get you the best results, either. You will rank for a lot of long-tail keywords, which is nice, but if you want the big traffic, then you have to aim for the targeted keywords.

Keyword Density

If you don’t want to be punished by Google for over-optimization, then the maximum keyword density for any article should be three percent. In other words, don’t keyword-stuff your articles. Space them out nicely and don’t use them too often (Visit our “Keyword Density Check Tool”).

Maximum Keywords Per Article

A lot of people query about this and have trouble finding an answer. The maximum keywords you should use per article should be five.

Meta Description

Always try to begin your Meta description with a verb. This is more likely to attract potential visitors when they’re browsing descriptions.


Creative titles are more effective because they’re not likely to be duplicates. They also have more potential for attracting a potential reader. Keep your title under 60 characters; including spaces.

Starting Out

When you’re first starting out, post about one article per day, but do not post a bunch of articles at once. This will make Google think that you’re a fly-by-night company that isn’t in it for the long haul. And, this could lead to poor search engine results. After about six weeks, you will start to see results. From there, increase your posts to two articles per day, then three, then four and so on. As long as you can maintain the pace of articles per day, this will be a beneficial strategy.

Time On Site

If you want Google to see your site as an authority on your topic or niche, then you need to increase the time on site that your visitors spend. The higher the time on site, the faster you will increase your rankings. You will either need to offer high-quality content that is of value, or you will need to add an some kind of interactive feature.

Avoid Black Hat

You might be tempted to use some Black Hat strategies to increase the pace of your site’s success, but that would be a big mistake. Google will recognize it right away and slap your site with a penalty. From there, it will take several months to recover. So, avoid any Black Hat temptations. If you go that route, you may regret it.
That’s all you need to know about increasing organic traffic for your website. “It’s the most valuable form of traffic out there!”

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