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Sept 03 '12

By: Richard Guidry
Subject: Web Design Trends
Title: Improved Graphics

Web Design | Improved Graphics in Website Design

Website Design | Graphics

Web Design Trends | Improved Graphics

Internet connections are getting faster and faster every year. Although some people are still stuck with dialup connections due to where they live, the vast majority of Internet users are using fast broadband connections which are more than capable of handling graphics-intensive sites. Web designers should no longer feel restricted to using blurry, low-quality images on their sites. These days, web designers who are keeping up with the times are using high-quality graphics, background images, textures and even more advanced features such as parallax scrolling. Following is an overview of some of the more significant trends in web design graphics.

(1) – CSS3
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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are a style sheet language used in web design. They govern the presentation of a website. The most recent version provides a number of changes and it's rapidly becoming more widely supported by different browsers. CSS3 provides a more user-friendly solution for designing the appearance of your website. With CSS3, designers have the freedom to easily configure features such as borders, shadow effects, webpage backgrounds, colors and a wide variety of text effects.

(2) – Higher-Quality Images

Most web surfers find it very frustrating when they come across websites with tiny, low-quality images that provide little or nothing of value. Today's image compression techniques are better than ever and, with Internet speeds getting faster and faster, there's rarely any need to decorate your website with substandard graphics. If, however, your site is going to be particularly graphics-intensive, it's still a good idea to offer a low-bandwidth version for those using slower connections or mobile devices.

(3) – More Versatile Typography

Not so long ago, the vast majority of websites were limited to displaying just a handful of fonts, none of which were particularly unique or exciting. These days, most browsers support font replacement technologies which provide web designers with a far greater set of options when it comes to choosing the typefaces for their designs. It's even possible to integrate custom fonts into sites. There's absolutely no need to feel restricted to using Arial or Times New Roman any more.

(4) – Background Textures and Photos

Photo backgrounds are becoming more and more popular in web design. With today's high-quality digital cameras, improved compression techniques and faster Internet speeds, having a high-quality photo background on the front page of your website can help to improve its entire look and feel. Having an appropriate background will help to draw in your visitors and keep their eyes on the page.

In some situations, background textures are more appropriate. Using an appropriate background texture can greatly enhance the whole graphical theme of your site. For example, you can choose to have a parchment texture background, or a grassy texture among others. Textures should be chosen carefully so that they blend in with other aspects of the graphical design of your website, such as borders and frames.

(5) – Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling was often used in classic video games to provide a subtle 3D effect. If you've ever played any of the old platform games such as the Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog series, you've seen parallax scrolling in action. Parallax scrolling has multiple layers which move separately from each other. In web design, parallax scrolling provides a more interactive experience with a greater sense of 3D depth. In its simplest forms, a webpage with parallax scrolling may have a stationary background with a foreground which moves when you scroll.

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