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Domain Names | 20 Domain Name Buying Tips

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Aug 24 '12

By: Richard Guidry
Subject: SEO Domain Name Buying
Title: Choosing a Domain Name

Domain Names | Choosing a Domain Name

Domain Names | 20 Domain Name Buying Tips

20 Tips on How to Choose a Domain Name

  • Keep it Simple – Find a Domain Name that has a simple spelling. Many have with spelling, so make it simple for your visitors to remember your Domain Name without a difficult spelling.
  • Stay with a ".com" if at all possible – The .com Top-Level-Domain (TLD) is the most widely accepted/used extension for domain names. Now, there are some exceptions of course… for-instance if you run a business that is based outside of the United States then it may be wise to use a local Top-Level-Domain (TLD). Some examples are ".ca" for Canada, ".de" for Germany, ".uk" for the United Kingdom, ".cn" for China, etc.,
  • Keyword Abundance – Select a Domain Name that has keywords related to your website. If your site sells cookies purchase a Domain Name that has the word "cookies" in it.
  • Keep the Domain Name Short – Shorter Domain Names are easier your website visitors to remember, the less they have to type, and it will also make it easier to spread your Domain Name to others.Domain Name Buying Tips
  • Absolutely No Hyphens – If possible avoid using hyphenated Domain Name. Hyphenated Domain Names may lose valuable traffic to like Domain Names and people just simply forget where the hyphens belong.
  • Commercial Attractiveness – Think of how your Domain Name may look in print, are a commercial, or even on a billboard. This is a simple way to test the commercial attractiveness of you Domain Name. This become even more important if you are looking at a company or business Domain Name, but is equally important for other Domain Names too.
  • Domain Name Prices – Shop around for the best price and a reputable registrar. Expect to pay approximately $10.00 a year.
  • Additional Extensions – Once you find the picture-perfect Domain Name (The .com one), then it sometimes makes sense to grab as many of the other available extensions as well. Then use a 301 redirect on those additional extensions to your ".com" Domain Name.
  • Copyrights – Stay clear of Domain Names that could infringe on another existing copyrighted Domain. Check the United States Copyright Office if you are unsure.
  • Singular & Plural Domain Names – If possible and where applicable; purchase both the singular and plural variations of your Domain Name and then again; use a 301 redirect on one or the other.
  • Quick to Type – The simpler the Domain Name is to type; the better.
  • No Slang – Keep away from slang spellings; for the same reasons why you should keep away from number substitutions.
  • Avoid Numerals – Numbers in a Domain Name can sometimes be OK, but keep away from replacing common words with numbers; it can be confusing and difficult to remember. I.E., do not use the number "4? in-place of "for" and "2? in-place of "to".
  • "0" Vs. "O" – The number "0? can be mistaken for the letter "O", so make certain there is no confusion between them in your domain name.
  • Name Branding – Years ago; no one knew of "Dell". Now is one of the most valuable and brand-able Domain Names. However, do not get too carried away, but a smart, ingenious brand-able Domain Name can be priceless!
  • Comprehensible – When anyone hears your Domain Name for the very first time; it should be easily understandable and can tell them what your website is about or sells.
  • Unique / Rare – The more Rare and Unique the Domain Name; the simpler it will be to remember it. But, adhere to all other tips when looking for this Rare & Unique Domain Name.
  • Make it easier; Use a Thesaurus – Go to Merriam Webster and used their online Thesaurus or your own MS-Word and use this invaluable tool to instantly check the availability common synonyms.
  • Search Abandoned Domain Names – Abandoned Domain Names or "Dropped Domains" are Domain Names that may have recently changed from a registered status to an unregistered status. These are sometimes available for anyone purchase.
  • Unforgettable – If you can easily remember a Domain Name after hearing it; then you may have found the perfect domain name.
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