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July 15 '12

By: Richard Guidry
Subject: SEO
Title: Dealing With Search Engine
            Changing Algorithms

Search Engine Optimization | Dealing With Search Engine Changing Algorithms

SEO | Search Engine Changing Algorithms

Dealing With Search Engine Changing Algorithms

The most promising way to gain traffic to your website is through Search Engine Optimization, but it is one of the most difficult methods as well. Not only do website designers have to work to build links and add content with specific keywords to your website, but they have to deal with the constantly changing algorithms. Specifically speaking about Google, websites have suffered greatly from both “Google Panda” and “Google Penguin”. Every time a search engine changes up the methods used to rank websites it changes up the strategies that web designers must undertake in order to get onto that glorious first page of results. Through these instructions you can learn about some of the most recent and unwavering techniques to gain rankings in search engine results.

Keyword Usage
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Keywords are still vital to get good results from web crawlers. The main purpose behind keywords is to allow web crawlers to figure out what a website is about, and then provide that website as a relevant resource to searchers. In order to help web crawlers out, it is important to place specific words or short phrases throughout the content on a page. The best strategy is to place multiple keywords within the content on a web page to give the web crawler multiple terms that it can use to direct traffic to the website. A website should never have more than three different keywords on a single page, as this will make the keywords that the page is currently using appear less relevant each time more phrases are added. Sometimes people go overboard with keywords and use them too much. Web crawlers have been designed to identify purposeful “keyword stuffing”, and if it is too serious, it can actually hurt the rankings of a website. Keeping a keyword density of around four percent is the most effective way to use keywords.

Add New Content

Search engines need to know that a website is still active and is providing visitors with fresh information all the time. The best way to show search engines that a website is active is to add more content to it every couple of days. If web crawlers are constantly processing new information from a website, it appears very active and will be rewarded with a higher search result ranking.


Not only is it important for a website to use SEO techniques on the page itself, but it is important for off-site SEO to be used as well. Having links across the web on other websites will show web crawlers that a website has some popularity and so it must provide some use to people. Backlinks also work as an easy way for someone to be taken to a website without search engines, such as if a link was provided in a website review.

Having a Sitemap

In order for a web crawler to accurately read all of the information on a website across all of its pages, it needs to be able to use a sitemap to get to every page. Sitemaps also make it easier for actual people to navigate through a page, which will definitely be a positive factor when it comes to search engine rankings.


If all of these are combined a website can soar through the rankings. With a little bit of luck, it could possibly even land on the top page of results. However, search engine optimization is a very tricky method of gaining traffic and it constantly changes, so there is a lot of trial and error that will be involved. It is all a matter of playing with different keywords and experimenting with different techniques. With enough hard work and persistence, the reward will be great.

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