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June 15 '12

By: Richard Guidry
Subject: SEO
Title: Not Getting the Traffic
You Deserve Check Your Keywords!

Long Tail Keywords | Keyword Competition | Keyword Phrases

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Not Getting the Traffic You Deserve? Check Your Keywords!

If search engine optimization just doesn’t seem to be working for you then you may not be using keywords effectively. The keywords that you choose for the content on your website play the most important role in search engine optimization. Web crawlers pick up on these words so that they can guide searchers to a page that will provide them with relevant information to what they are searching. If your website needs some help with choosing the keywords that you should use, you can try some of the techniques that are explained below.

Use Search-Appropriate PhrasesKeywords Key Banner .png

You need to put yourself into the shoes of the searcher. How would they phrase their inquiry into the search engine? Your keyword phrase should try and match it as closely as possible, as that is what is going to get your page into the top page of search engine results. The closer that your keyword matches what the searcher types into the search engine, the higher the chances are that your website will appear at the top of results.

Long Tail Keywords

There are a category of keywords that are known as “long tail keywords”. These go against what many new web designers think, but they are actually a much more effective way of bring in traffic. What is this controversial form of keywords?

Instead of choosing the most popular keywords out there, less popular keywords are chosen. The main strategy with this is to avoid a large amount of competition over your keywords. If you think about it, keywords that are more popular with searchers are probably going to be popular with web designers as well. They want to bring in a bunch of traffic from these highly searched terms, so they are going to use them in their own website.

If you go with keywords that don’t have as much competition, however, you will be able to bring in nearly all of the traffic from the less popular keyword. Statistics have shown that long tail keywords actually bring in a lot more traffic for more websites than popular search terms do. The only exception is for the already established websites that have made themselves appear at the top of search results with those keywords, as they will obviously bring in a lot of traffic from them.

A Tool to Help You

If you need help figuring out keywords for your website, you can always try using Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This program is absolutely free to use and offers several benefits for web designers.

For example, one of the best features about this program is the ability to check out how much competition each keyword has, as well as its popularity. This can show you how much total traffic is generated for each keyword while showing you how much competition there is over it as well. After receiving your instant results you can decide if it is worth using that keyword, or if you would be wasting your time.


These techniques should help you boost your ranking in search engines and help you make use of proper SEO techniques. You can bring in more traffic than ever before, and then continue to grow your website’s popularity from there. Once people start writing reviews about your service or business you can begin to tackle some of those more popular keywords since your website will have some good backlinks.

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