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SEO | Authoritative Links And Where Do You Get Them

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Feb 08 '13

By: Richard Guidry
Subject: SEO
Title: Authoritative Links...

SEO | Authoritative Links And Where Do You Get Them

SEO | Authoritative Links

Authoritative Links and Where Do You Get Them

(Quality Backlinks Are More Important Than the Quantity)
What Are Authoritative Links?

Google attempts to quantify the authority of a web page through the use of PageRank. PageRank is Google's method for measuring the importance or authority of a web page. Authority on the web, authoritative links, and the importance of quality backlinks can be explained through the following analogy. If you needed an explanation, as to why you were experiencing intense pain in your side, you would trust the answer of one internal surgeon over the answers of 1,000 automobile factory workers. Just as you would trust the information of a surgeon, who is an authority on internal side pain, more than you would trust the information provided from 1,000 people's un-authoritative opinion, so do search engines "trust" links to your web page from authoritative sites more than they "trust" a large quantity of links to your page from sites that are seen as unimportant.

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Where Do You Get Authoritative Links?

There are several types of web pages and sites on the internet that can provide authoritative links to your web site or page. Here are a few examples explained:

  • "How To" Sites
    • Websites like and allow you to write "how to" articles for the subject of your choice. These sites are seen as authoritative. You can provide people with quality information and provide your web page with authoritative links at the same time.
  • .edu and .gov Links
    • Educational and government institutions are seen as authoritative hubs of information. For a .edu or .gov site to link back to your site or page is for these sites to say that they view your site as an authoritative extension on a subject. Getting backlinks from .gov and .edu sites is paramount in an authoritative link building strategy.
  • Press Releases
    • Press releases allow you to distribute your message through authoritative avenues and create links back to your page at the same time. There are free and paid press release services available, such as Press Releases that provide quality content are likely to be picked-up and distributed throughout several sites in your niche.
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  • Resource Type Sites
    • Resource and information type sites, such as Wikipedia, are great forums for creating authoritative links. As expressed before, it is the quality of the content and information that you are providing that allows you to use these different avenues of authoritative link building.
  • Social Networking Sites
    • Social networking and bookmarking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ provide numerous opportunities for creating authoritative links organically. Build up your followers and subscribers, by providing quality, enticing content, and the authoritative links will seem to begin to build themselves.
  • Website & Blog Participation
    • Participating in blogs and forums is still a relevant method for building authoritative links. The most effective approach used for participating in numerous blogs simultaneously is to create Google Alerts for your list of relevant keywords. Google Alerts will send an email to you, when any keyword relevant links are indexed. This allows you to participate in the blog, when it is relevant to your web page.

One key approach to search engine marketing is having a sound and aggressive authoritative link building strategy. Through links search engines navigate the web and determine the relationships between web sites and pages. By understanding these relationships, search engines are able to rank web pages one with another in a list of search engine results. In any relationship the best position to be in is one of authority. It is the same in successful link building and search engine marketing.

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